Summer Issue Cover

We are pleased to present the Summer issue of The Horse Downunder Magazine

We are excited to be producing our own Australian publication, presenting stories focusing on horses, cattle and country lifestyle.

If you have not been able to buy a copy of our magazine through news agencys all over Australia, don't hesitate to Contact Us and we will arrange for you to receive a copy by post. Interested in subscribing for the year? Just go to our Subscribe page and find out how.

You will see by visiting our Friends page that The Horse Downunder Magazine really is a team effort. We already have the support of some wonderful advertisers.

Our content has no limitations. We can cover any breed of horse or cattle - any story we want. The richness and diversity of the horse and cattle culture throughout this great land, means we will never be short on interesting articles to present for our readers enjoyment. The bottom line is, whatever your interest is in horses, cattle or country lifestyle, you are going to love The Horse Downunder Magazine, and we welcome your participation and suggestions in making this a publication you can't do without! Please Contact Us anytime with your ideas and feedback, we will be pleased to receive reader interaction.

Want a peek at what you can expect to read about when you buy the next edition of The Horse Downunder Magazine? Go to the Current Issue section and get a taste. Interested in finding out who are the people involved with bringing you this new equine/cattle/country lifestyle publication? Go to the About Us section for a brief introduction.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about our new publication.

Happy reading and with warm regards,

Tara Gordon

- on behalf of The Horse Downunder team